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If you do not have the right network or possess sufficient time, it can be difficult to find someone who is a fitting match for a position. Here at Perflexi, we help you recruit and select employees within the Netherlands and then make all the arrangements. This flexible approach is ideal for both short assignments and longer periods of up to five and a half years.

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How does it work?

  1. You want to hire a new employee. You engage us.
  2. We discuss the vacancy with you, including your requirements, the place of work, working hours and assignment duration and conditions. Based on these criteria, we immediately indicate the rate.
  3. We draw up an inviting job advert. Once you have approved it, we post it on our website.
  4. We then mobilise our network to find someone and critically assess the responses to the job advert. As soon as we have found a suitable candidate, we send you a proposal and arrange an interview.
  5. If you have a match, that’s great — the first objective has been achieved!
  6. We draw up the contracts based on the employment conditions, agreements between your organisation and Perflexi and agreements between the new employee and Perflexi.
  7. After signing, the employee is formally employed by us. They can now work for you on a flexible contract for up to five and a half years.

This process takes between two and six weeks and depends on how quickly our network gets back to us and the response to the job advert on our website.

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Fast and flexible with payroll services
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Prefer foreign expertise?
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