Payroll services: fast and flexible

Take on new employees without delay

Whether the expert you require is close to home or in another European country, Perflexi handles all financial, administrative and legal aspects of employment. This gives you quick and easy access to expertise and leaves you free to focus on your business. With payroll services, there are no complex procedures, so your new employee will be able to start working for you without delay.

Opt for convenience

Opting for payroll services means choosing convenience. We handle all the administrative tasks for you, such as drawing up employment contracts, paying salaries on time and sending out the payslips. You can choose from various types of contract, for example a temporary contract (a maximum of three contracts in a three-year period) or a longer term contract covering the entire duration of a project (a maximum of five years).

HR always up to date

We make sure that employee employment terms and conditions are applied correctly. We draw up employment contracts, implement changes resulting from collective labour agreements, pay employee taxes and social security contributions, arrange pensions and ensure salaries are paid on time. You can be sure that your HR affairs are always up to date.


For longer contracts
For longer contracts
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More about highly skilled migrants
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