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Your partner in payrolling

We are only satisfied when employer and employee feel this way.
  We unite our strength.

Perflexi is a driven and professional payroll service provider and is located in the residential city, The Hague. Our service is based on transparent communication and simplification of entrepreneurship. Our service is characterized by Professional and Personal Care.

With the above core values, we provide the foundation for good employment possibilities. Perflexi is only satisfied when both employer and employee are satisfied. And that is why we say with confidence: Perflexi, well-organised!  

Sharing the positive employment relation is not something people easily do. But why not give it a try? We take over the legal tasks and all administrative responsibilities that come with an employment. Perflexi will be your external HR partner for your administration at ease and minimization of risks in labour law. Your staff can contact us for any questions regarding their labor agreements, annual reports, legislative changes and tax matters. Just imagine, you as our client, will have minimal risks and only pay for actual worked hours. Everything regarding the payroll administration goes out the window with the assurance that everything is settled perfectly!

We are at your service!

Are you curious about the possibilities for your organization? Do you have specific questions, or would you like additional information? Please contact us anytime by phone with the telephone number on the right, or fill in our form of contact on the page down below. We will reply as soon as possible.

+ 31 252 74 51 38