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Perfect candidate abroad?

Would your company like to benefit from hiring a highly educated candidate from abroad?
Perflexi can also play an active role in this complex residence permit application

The term “highly skilled migrants” refers to highly educated persons with a non-European Union / European Economic Area (EU / EEA) nationality. 

In order to employ highly skilled migrants, your organization must be a recognized sponsor by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). This procedure is rather expensive, complex and time-consuming.

Perflexi is a recognized sponsor

Perflexi is recognized as a sponsor by the IND and as such included in the public register recognized sponsors (number 6023.4806).

As a recognized sponsor, Perflexi ensures that the highly skilled migrant’s file is complete and checks all documents to demonstrate that the highly skilled migrant has been carefully selected for our client. We take care of the complete application process, including the provisional residence permit (MVV visa, the MVV visa is a sticker which the Dutch authority places in the passport of a foreigner.) required to travel and enter into the Netherlands.This application procedure takes an average of 2-4 weeks in time. The highly skilled migrant will be employed by Perflexi and will be placed exclusively in your company.

The highly skilled migrant does not have a nationality of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland.

The following countries are part of the European Union and/or the European Economic Area: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Austria , Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, the Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Sweden.

A highly skilled migrant with a nationality other than the EU/EEA needs a working permit as well as a residence permit. These permit applications are processed and approved by the IND. 
Highly skilled migrants must reach the standard of minimum sustainable income

Every year, the IND adjusts the minimum sustainable income standard. For the year 2019 the standard is:

Highly skilled migrants at the age of 30 or older must earn a gross monthly salary of € 4.500,- (excluding 8% holiday allowance). The gross annual salary has to be at least € 58.320,- (including 8% holiday allowance).

For highly skilled migrants younger than 30 years, the minimum monthly gross salary must reach € 3.299,- (excluding 8% holiday allowance), which is gross € 42.755,04 (including 8% holiday allowance) on an annual base.

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