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We are the best employer together for a future

Everything is well arranged for you and your staff while we are here as your partner in employment.
This allows you to do what you do best: being a successful entrepreneur.

Regarding the payroll services, Perflexi takes up the status and the role of a legal employer on paper. In other words, this means you act as the corresponding company and also as our client, who will be recruiting and selecting ideal employees according to your actual needs. The best part would be that your company no longer has to deal with legal and administrative duties, but can be benefited from minimizing labour-related risks. After recruitment and selection, these employees will be officially employed by Perflexi. We will then place the employees exclusively in your company with clear secondment procedures. Individual staff can start to work freely without worries.

As your partner, we provide the employment contracts, pay salaries on time, carry out collective labour obligations and legal changes, arrange the pension, guide the employees through in case of illness and deduct premiums out of taxes. All these services add up and will save you a great deal of time for your company and help you motivate your staff.

Increased flexibility in temporary contracts

Temporary contracts that we provide can range from a few months up to 5.5 years, which gives you the benefit of maximum flexible employment of staff.

Perflexi guidance employees in sickness absence

Guidance according the law Poortwachter.

Contractual consistence and compliance with the labour law

Contracts and terms of employment are always in accordance with the recent labour law.

Attractive rates and reducing costs

For an employer to hire an ideal candidate with our payroll service, we agree on a specific rate in advance, which includes employment service fees, the number of holidays with holiday allowance and wages for the employee. Our rates are always inclusive of all necessities without hidden or unexpected increases (unless so required by law), so there will be no surprises afterwards. We will charge the agreed rate for each hour worked by the employee. With transparent rates we save you costs on externally outsourced administrative and accounting matters.

Perflexi for salary, pension and staff

Perflexi takes care of correct and timely deduction of social contributions, salaries and payroll taks.

Questions or interested in more information?!

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