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Everything you need to know as an employee

People are at the heart of all our achievements.
As a reasonable and caring payroll company, it is a matter of course to take care of you, our employee.

Perflexi is a professional employer with extensive knowledge of human resources, personnel and salary administration, working conditions and labour law. When Perflexi is or becomes your formal employer, there are certain benefits for you as an employee. In general, you are guaranteed with a correct contract, up-to-date working conditions and a regular salary payment.

We’ll make sure you start your career with ease. In practice you’ll work under the supervision of our client who is the company responsible for your actual position. With him or her you come to terms about your work, your responsibilities, the compensation and holidays. Questions about salary specifications, salary payments or CAO changes or otherwise? For those questions you can contact us.

Transparent and smooth salary payment

Perflexi applies a four-weekly salary payment for all our employees. After processing your worked hours, which you specified and the client approved on your personal time registration account, your salary will be paid on a 4-week-period basis. We reserve 8% of your salary for holiday allowance, which you receive in the month May. When we’ve paid your salary, you receive your clear payslip by email.

Rights based on the ABU cao

Under the collective labour agreements Perflexi is in, you are entitled to the following rights as an employee of ours: 25 holiday days, 8% holiday allowance, a clear pension plan and payment in case of illness. You will find the full text of the ABU CAO.(Collective labour agreements) on our download page.

A well-organized Pension

Perflexi works according to the ABU CAO. Your pension plan will be arranged by Stipp. More information about this this can be found in the ABU CAO (see download page) or the website of Stipp, www.stipppensioen.nl.

Got sick unexpectedly?!

You would think this situation very annoying as of yourself, meanwhile it is also very worrying for your colleagues and your superior correspondence who are from our client company. Therefore, we would like to know this as soon as possible. Report your sick leave on the first day that you are ill before 10:00 am. You can call our absence department at + 31 252 74 51 38.

Please remember to also inform the company you work for! Feeling better and recovered? Please contact us before 10:00 am likewise to report such a change of work status.

+ 31 252 74 51 38